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Halo Firing Squad Ch. 6 :iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 1 8
Mature content
Halo Firing Squad Chapter 5 :iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 1 7
Mature content
Halo Firing Squad Ch 4 :iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 1 18
Firing Squad Chapter 3: First Op
Firing Squad: Chapter 3
First Op
Training day came and all were busy. Vano instructed the nav officer to put them in a geosynchronous orbit with a nearby planet colonized in recent months. The planet was called Aradan 5. The fifth planet in a solar system of 7 planets. It was classified as a phenomenon most scientists on earth called the goldilocks zone. A planet that required zero terraforming that had evolved to support life. A colony immediately sprung up in the jungles of the planet and began using its less habitable zones for military training. General Kramer entered the command bridge with a muted attention from the humans present. None of the Sangheili responded more than a sneer. Vano seeing this rose to his feet snarling “YOU WILL SHOW THIS MAN THE PROPER RESPECT REGARDING HIS RANK! ATTENTION!!” at once all crew on the bridge stood at attention to the officer chagrined that he’d done this. With parade salute he bid them to carry on, then spoke to Vano.
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 2 5
Firing Squad Chapter 2: Problems
Firing Squad Chapter 2
As Lacy crosses the corner the Sangheili that was with her immediately pushes her against the wall with a snarl. “WHY did you protect me??” her mask hides only a blank stare at him as she replies equally monotone, “if I had wanted to kill you you’d be dead in that chow hall already.” He looks down already feeling the pressure of the kitchen knife pressed in between the pieces of armor on his abdomen. A stomach wound with which there was no survival going by the level of sangheili medical expertise. “Despite what you may think we are allies now whether we may want it to or not. Both our peoples lives depend on whether we can work together or not. If your men died because you didn’t trust your ally to have your back what would they say about that? You would have their blood on your hands. Not mine.” He backs off taken aback by her words. They rang through his mind truer than anything. But his anger still fres
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 2 10
Firing Squad Chapter 1
As shipmaster Vano Rinal perused the personnel file he found himself at somewhat of a loss. Unbidden memories floated back to him of his defeat at Reach at the hands of a single demon. No, Spartans now. They were through much in the past few years. The Schism left such a massive tear in the collective psyche of the Sangheili that most didnt know how to live. after realizing the gods that they devoted their lives to were false many simply committed suicide or went insane. A massive number simply denied the whole thing and went on to reform the covenant in their own images, but nowadays they were simply no more than pirates. That issue was the exact reason Vano Rinal was called to serve again for the new alliance. In order to preserve a long sought after peace many human diplomats put together a simple plan of not only having joint operations with Sangheili(Elites as they called them) but actually cohabitating ships. The idea was simple, space was as free as the oceans on earth was. Thus
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 3 12
Hearthfire Tale
In hearthsong and fire his tail was told. Of his strength and courage, of his struggles and trials. He persevered when others faltered. They thought him the fool when he knew some things were worth being steadfast for. He fought for petty things because the tiniest thing could mean the world. He made decisions that could change the world seam simple and easy. In silence and cold his tail was ended. Remember his tail of hearthsong and fire, and build your own to warm the ones who passed.
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 6 5
Mature content
Prologue: Glorious :iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 3 7
My friends failed me when I showed trust. I failed myself when I betrayed my own trust. Why do I need to trust? Is my strength alone enough to survive? NO! Not if I don't trust myself. And where would I be without the trust of others? Dead I suppose. So I have no choice but to keep trusting people. I have no choice but to put my fate in the hands of others and my own. Leaps of faith. Thats what its called. You can call it religious if you want, but its the greatest truth I will ever say. That moment something bad happens. It's just an occupational hazards with experiancing life. And what better pleasure than living a life. I will trust. Just so I can enjoy it a little while longer.
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 0 0
What Brings Me Down Never Stops Me
Stripped bare. All my title. All my Pride. Gone. My strength taken. And my calm crumbles to fear. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve that. I deserve my punishment. I deserve my sentence. I do my time. I won't cry anymore. I can't. I just stay strong. Because the alternative will only make it worse. Because if i fail all i have done will be for naught.
'I'm sorry' is what i would say given the chance.
Sorry that I tried my best.
Sorry that I made mistakes along the way.
Sorry that I flagged, but never failed.
What i did won't matter as long as I never give up. If I fail i pick up the pieces and rebuild again. Heh-heh, I'm good at that. Take my words into consideration. I still have me. I'm not gone. So why should my will be too? I tell you what. I'm going to get up right now and show you. I'll show you what I can do. I will show you life. Goodbye...
"he gets up and walks away"
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 1 0
World War 3 part 2: Last stand of the 75th
Renewing their counterattack US forces push down the Rocky Mountains. The Russians fearing a major loss in the east fire a tactical nuke on Las Vegas the current logistics point for the Eastern front. Due to technilogical innovation a new missile defense system is created to target orbital missiles and low orbit scud launches. The system is nicknamed Sanctuary. Realizing they no longer have the means to counterattack the Russians go completely on the defensive. Us forces press to Sacramento Causing the path to Santa Maria and San Francisco to open. Meanwhile Russian forces break through the Avila line and push into Santa Maria. The residents fight street by street making wreckage barricades and laying booby traps. The Rangers are intent on giving them hell as long as possible. There is no retreat. They hole up in Pacific Christian church with the last of the refugees and militia. They cordon off the hill with the hulls of damaged vehicles, and they place armor plates from the destroyed
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 1 14
World War 3: Battle of the West Part 1
Russia invades San Francisco with a sudden and massive assault. Shock and awe catches American forces off guard and the advance moves quickly toward Seattle. Russian forces push as far as the Rocky Mountains before they are stopped by harsh weather and chokepoint passes. National Guard units play for time delaying the juggernaut as long as possible. Intending to create a larger beachhead Russian troops land in Mexico intending to flank the forces of southern California and make for the plains. All that stands between defeat on the west coast is Vandenburg airforce base which regularly flies in reinforcements and supplies.  Los Angeles is the only major city untouched as it is trapped in the center of the pinch. San Diego is a ruin as both sides fight tooth and nail for ground. American forces manage to hold the northern half of the city, but they can do nothing to stop the russians from moving east into the plains and south. America counterattacks attempting to connect a land rout
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 2 16
Mary's New Year
Mary was having the most awful luck today. she ran about this way and that getting the streamers set up and the balloons filled for the big party. she ordered a cake, but when they delivered it the cake said Happy Knew Year. simply unacceptable. when Kirby showed up early to help he sneezed and blew away all the streamers and presents for the gift exchange. Kirby took Mary by the hand and said "lets go out and have ourselves a fun night my treat." Mary smiled and went with him. they went to the bowling alley first where she had the worst luck aiming. kirby took her hand again and said "lets get out of here and go see a movie instead." she agreed and they went and saw Spinarakman a movie about a boy getting bit by a radioactive spinarak and wearing spandex. during the movie the charizard at the snackbar burnt the popcorn and a clumsy Haunter tried to grab a soda and it went through his hands on top of Mary. "This is the worst night ever" she said. kirby looking helpless seems to come up
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 2 0
When in winter's grasp
none shine more brightly
Than the happiest soul.
When in Spring's beauty
All seems brighter
Than the brightest soul.
When in Summer's turmoil
Soldiering on is the
Healthiest thing for the soul.
When in Fall's mists
The light of the sun
Shines through in flurries
Of prism color.
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 3 10
I smile brightest in the dark.
I frown when it's brightest all around.
I run through the rain when I should seek shelter.
I hide in the shade when I should be in the sun.
I smile in the face of negativity.
And smile all the same in the face of positivity.
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 3 0
A dream of meaning
I once had a dream. There was a terrible train wreck, and I tried searching for survivors. In a car I found a room full of trophies and awards on all the walls but nobody else to claim them. I saw two vultures on a pedestal. An adult and a hatching. Determined, I let them hop on my shoulders and took them with me. I made a trek across a Parisian style city to a stone bridge. It was destroyed. I ran as far as I could and fast as I could and tried to jump across. I cupped the hatching to my chest as I fell and lifted it above the water as I landed. I swam the rest of the way and made it across. I headed into a hotel room and placed the birds down upon the bed. The adult had the pillow and it's eyes were rolled into its head looking sick and weary. The hatching nuzzled my hand as I sat on the bed, made a slight yawn and curled up with the adult simply tired and content. And then I woke...
:iconjacobmosovich:jacobmosovich 4 20


Finding Locations by wolfjedisamuel Finding Locations :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 1,250 210 Dinosaurs in Lingerie Day 2016!! by Predaguy
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Dinosaurs in Lingerie Day 2016!! :iconpredaguy:Predaguy 88 19
Risky - commission by MuddyTiger Risky - commission :iconmuddytiger:MuddyTiger 14 0 Commission - I glomp you by MuddyTiger Commission - I glomp you :iconmuddytiger:MuddyTiger 13 4 SCU Cheerleader Locker Room by Predaguy
Mature content
SCU Cheerleader Locker Room :iconpredaguy:Predaguy 41 11
Armed to the Teeth - ALT by Predaguy
Mature content
Armed to the Teeth - ALT :iconpredaguy:Predaguy 38 5
Most Offended Gecko by CatharsisJB Most Offended Gecko :iconcatharsisjb:CatharsisJB 235 55 Sator skirmishers by LordHannu Sator skirmishers :iconlordhannu:LordHannu 154 6 Unggoy c.3239 by Chris000 Unggoy c.3239 :iconchris000:Chris000 19 5 Kig Yar Gunman by Chris000 Kig Yar Gunman :iconchris000:Chris000 33 41 The Grafted #3 Page 24 by AraghenXD The Grafted #3 Page 24 :iconaraghenxd:AraghenXD 22 52 Body Types (1) by PhantomGline Body Types (1) :iconphantomgline:PhantomGline 18 2 Greatest Freakout EVER-PH by Arbiter111 Greatest Freakout EVER-PH :iconarbiter111:Arbiter111 139 30 Trollface WoW by Keluuu
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Trollface WoW :iconkeluuu:Keluuu 91 44
chips game BASE by KawaiiKuroNeko21 chips game BASE :iconkawaiikuroneko21:KawaiiKuroNeko21 590 59 (Paint Friendly) MONOPLY! by KawaiiKuroNeko21 (Paint Friendly) MONOPLY! :iconkawaiikuroneko21:KawaiiKuroNeko21 1,172 178


by Lukurio

I loved what you did with the background I am sure you did it separately from the pokemon am I right¿ You did excellent with the placem...


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I had a dream last night a bearded man in a shop stall offered to let me take a talking snake to school with me. It could not learn from a regular school cause it was a snake and anybody would think that's weird. After my first day trying to figure out the classes I come back to the stall to see it closed. I look to the left and see the man in an RV with the giant ball python coiled around the front cabin and rearview mirror like it didn't want to leave. He was smiling and speaking to it like an old friend before unwrapping it from the vehicle and handing him to me. The scales were overlayed with fur kinda like a cats so it had a scalie furry feel to it. I said I'd take care of him and we went to the next stall over an ice cream stand. Then I woke up.:/ I haven't been to school in years and I remember the process like it was yesterday. It was seriously realistic down to the excuse the teacher gave me for not having the schedules printed out for me. The snakes name was Nurendorf. I'm sure NagandEmerald would be interested in this lol..... *trails off* *sigh* I wish it was real. I felt...So happy to have someone with me going through same hardships. Y'know I'm not even sure the snake talked anymore it was just really big easily eight feet. It was pale white like skin colored. It was just very smart. It talked I remember now it spoke something to me but I'm not sure what it said something about not being a god... I think he was the one that told me his name. Nurendorf is such a particular name. I would never normally think of this as a name.


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